Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm finally here!

The past five days have been insane and I haven't been able to write very much but I totally will by the end of this week. I promise.

The past few days I've been participating in Rush Week at Iowa State University. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it has been as amazing experience so far. It's given me the opportunity to meet all the girls on my floor and create new bonds. I feel like I can talk to these girls about anything and I've only known them a couple of days. (We stuffed ten of us into my room last night and talked about everything.)

The whole sorority thing didn't seem appealing to me at first but after a couple hours of talking with the girls in the houses I can definitely see myself becoming a part of one of these families. I have two days left and I am very excited to see if I end up in one. 

After the craziness and work is over with I'll be posting a HUGE post about my room, move-in, and all the activities of Rush Week.

I miss home but this is going to be a great time!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Late Night Musings

I'm still awake..

It's early in the morning and I should be sleeping.

I really should be sleeping considering I've put in about 22 hours in (at the sports bar I waitress at) since Friday night.

But I just can't sleep!

Maybe it's anxiety, or maybe it's the three hour nap I took between shifts this afternoon... 

The sugar high from the two pieces of blackberry pie should definitely be over. (That pie was delicious. Thanks Mom. ♥)

P.S. Only four days left!

"There's an App for That"

Move in day is approaching and I've been trying to get organized. With so many things on my mind it's hard to keep track of what I need to be doing. Fortunately, we live in a world with internet. This leads to a plethora of options that can help us with different problems.

Today I'm going to be listing my favorite applications and websites that helped me feel a little more organized and confident for "the big move".

First off I'd like to list my favorite college packing lists. I tried to make my own list of the things I needed. But I would forget items and have to add them in. My paper ended up covered with little scribbles. I couldn't really read it, let alone check stuff off as I went along. Finally I looked online for some pre-made lists.

This website is amazing. It has almost everything you need listed. It's separated into categories like bed, kitchen, and school supplies. BUT, probably the best part of this site is you can add your own items. I love that because if you have specific personal pieces you don't want to forget, just add it to the list.

Now I'm an Android user. I have the Galaxy S3 and I love it. But, if you're and iPhone kind of person then this is a bonus. There's an app for this site! You can take your personalized list wherever you go!

This is a good site for people who want a pre-made list that is also very specific. This one even goes as far as to tell you how many plates and cups to bring. It's great because it lists things that many other lists don't think are very important or too obvious. Trust me, nothing is too obvious. In the rush of packing, many little "obvious" items will be forgotten.

I printed out both of these lists to help guide me with my packing and it's been working great so far!

3) Wunderlist

This app is "wunderful"! (See what I did there?) This app allows you to make your own to do lists. I like it because I took the best items from above lists and made my own. This way I had a list that was more useful for me. This app also helped me make a list of all the things I need to do before I leave. Such as getting a haircut and color, finding the perfect tote bag, and getting a new white belt. You know, the important stuff ;). I also like that it has the boxes you can check off as you go along! Actually seeing progress keeps me motivated!

This is a blog that is AMAZING. I read it almost everyday. It's written by Carly Heitlinger. She had tons of advice on organizing and studying. As well as showing her preppy style through clothing, accessories, and other products. She is by far my favorite college prep blogger! I can't go on any further about this blog because it would take me ten pages to tell you how fantastic it is! Check it out yourself and I know you'll fall in love!

P.S. This is one of my favorite posts that she's done.

That's all for now! I'll be posting again as soon as possible! Only five days left!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something Cute I Made While Procrastinating

I need to be packing clothes. Or at least start sorting though them. I NEED TO.

But, of course I decided to take on another DIY project for my dorm instead. Just what I need. Another object to pack up and take with me. Ugh. My creative juices just need to take a break for awhile or I'm not gonna get anything done.

(I tried again this morning to be productive but I ended up taking my brothers to Butch's River Rock Cafe for breakfast instead)


Back to the DIY..
I made a coin jar!

My family has had one forever and it has proven very effective in collecting extra cash along the way. We usually saved coins until the jar filled up. Then we cashed in the coins and did something fun with it! Our jar at home is a plain and clear crystal jar. I took it upon myself to re-purpose one of my mom's old mason jars. I took inspiration from Pinterest and combined it with some of my own creativity and this is the final result:

It was a pretty simple project. Ribbons, rhinestones, chipboard letters, and chalkboard spray paint for the blank rectangle. I thought I could write something special that I'm saving for in that spot.

Now that I've procrastinated some more by writing this post I better start to get ready for work!
Until next time!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The End is Near


I only have 12 days left in my cozy home before I move off to college. Most kids are thinking, "Wooo! Yeah! Time to get out of this place!" I'm thinking, "What else do I need? Did I buy that yet? Well,  maybe I need that too. What clothes am I bringing? What if fall is weirdly cold and I need all my coats? What if it gets extremely hot? What if I forget something?" 
 So, obviously I am extremely prepared freaking out. 
I'm going to be posting later about my haul of college supplies.
But not my clothing choices... that will definitely be big enough for it's own post. 
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dorm Decorations?


So, I had a day off work today. The next two weeks I'm going to be living at the Press Box. Pretty much until I have to go to school. So I took advantage of the time and started a Pinterest project:


I went scouring the internet for tutorials on how to make these little beauties..
... I didn't find anything.

So I took it upon myself to figure it out and this is what I came up with:

Wood Panels
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Cute Pictures!

1) Print off any picture you want to transfer. Some tutorials said you need a laser printer but mine worked just fine! (Also don't forget to resize the photo to fit the wood panel! Mine were 5x7.) Trim off all the excess paper.

2) Take the sand paper and smooth out the flat surface for the picture.

3) Paint the Mod Podge in straight and smooth vertical strokes on the flat surface of the panel. Then gently lay the picture down on the wood. Try to get most of the bubbles out, but don't worry if some remain!


4) Paint more Mod Podge on top of the picture in straight vertical strokes. A little goes a long way :) Wait for it to dry.(Or in my case blast it with the "cool" setting on my hair dryer.) I don't have picture of this step because I was in super concentrated crafty mode :(

5) After it's dry pick up that sand paper again and distress the edges if you'd like. I think it gives them a cool vintage-y vibe.


Here's my results :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

18 Days

      Hello all. My name is Hailie. Most of you reading this blog will be family and friends. I set this up mostly to keep everyone I love up to date with my life as I move away to college in.. 18 DAYS.


E i g h t e e n days left until I officially move out of the house and start my adventure at IOWA STATE. 

This fact is rather frightening. For the past year I've been trying to ignore the fact that I will have to leave the comforts of home and settle into a 9x14 ft. dorm room. However, I'm starting to realize that I will get through this journey and probably have some fun along the way ;).

With this blog I will continue to post some of the successes, struggles, weird sightings and anything else I come across that seems worth sharing.

If it is good grades...

... or late night study struggles...

... I'll be here to share it all with you! :)