Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something Cute I Made While Procrastinating

I need to be packing clothes. Or at least start sorting though them. I NEED TO.

But, of course I decided to take on another DIY project for my dorm instead. Just what I need. Another object to pack up and take with me. Ugh. My creative juices just need to take a break for awhile or I'm not gonna get anything done.

(I tried again this morning to be productive but I ended up taking my brothers to Butch's River Rock Cafe for breakfast instead)


Back to the DIY..
I made a coin jar!

My family has had one forever and it has proven very effective in collecting extra cash along the way. We usually saved coins until the jar filled up. Then we cashed in the coins and did something fun with it! Our jar at home is a plain and clear crystal jar. I took it upon myself to re-purpose one of my mom's old mason jars. I took inspiration from Pinterest and combined it with some of my own creativity and this is the final result:

It was a pretty simple project. Ribbons, rhinestones, chipboard letters, and chalkboard spray paint for the blank rectangle. I thought I could write something special that I'm saving for in that spot.

Now that I've procrastinated some more by writing this post I better start to get ready for work!
Until next time!

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